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A wide variety of services to meet your needs

Concept and manufacturing

Zone Enseignes + Éclairage offers professional and creative design and sign making services of all shapes and sizes to suit your needs. All signs are made from durable materials and come with a comprehensive warranty on parts and labour.

Our mission is to design high-quality signs at competitive prices! Our services are available throughout Canada and the United States.


Zone Enseignes + Éclairage has its own team of designers and graphic artists who design quality signage. By so doing, we ensure that essential sign-making standards and formats are respected. Once your needs are identified and our team has your graphic material (logo, etc.), we will present you with various sign mock-ups so you have an idea of the visual impact of the finished product to help you make your selection.

Installation, servicing, repairs and maintenance

Zone Enseignes + Éclairage offers professional installation, servicing, repair and maintenance services for all types of signs and lighting, whether indoor or outdoor, on street lamps or pylons, in a parking lot, etc.

Re-lettering and acrylic changes

Zone Enseignes + Éclairage will re-letter existing signs, which includes the creation and installation of new visuals.

LED conversions

LED technology delivers cost savings, increased efficiency and improved performance… significant benefits that should convince you to convert your current neon signs. Zone Enseignes + Éclairage supports all steps in LED light conversion.

Please note that letters, wall signs and pylons currently using fluorescent tubes are probably compatible with LED conversion.

Permit application

Did you know that most sign installation work requires a permit from your municipality or your landlord? Our team is here to help you research and obtain permits to install your signs.

Free consultation

Zone Enseignes + Éclairage provides consulting services, carried out by a team of experienced representatives, who will help you find the perfect solution to meet your needs and objectives. Entirely complementary, this consultation also includes, among other things, the location, quality of materials required, colours, lighting and cost.



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